Q: What does your rental fee include?

A:  Your rental fee will include the use of  the space for your event, black padded chairs, tables (20-48"rounds, 3-6ft Tables, 3-8ft Tables, 10-Bistro Tables) and complementary set up and tear down of these items.

Our 48" Rounds seat 5-6 people comfortably. 

Q: How many can people can you accommodate?

A: The Ballroom at Carnahan Hall can seat 120 (excluding staging) people comfortably and up to 225 standing.

A: Studio A has a capacity of 49 people.

B: Studio B has a capacity of 35 people. 


Q: Is there a specific caterer that I have to use?

A: No, Carnahan Hall allows you to use the caterer of your choice as long as they can provide adequate insurance information. For a list of our preferred caterers click here


Q: Does Carnahan Hall have a kitchen on site for caterers to use?

A: There is no kitchen at our facility, so all food must be prepared off-site. We do; however, have a catering space that they can use to prep or plate food if needed.


Q: Are linens included in the rental?

A: No, linens are not included in the standard rental. We offer both black and white linen rentals available for $10.00/per linen.


Q: How far in advance should I reserve the date of my event?

A: If you know about your event, then it’s not too early to book it! The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can confirm the availability of your date and begin the leasing process.  



Q: How much of a deposit is required for my events?  Is there a damage deposit required?

A:  Half of your total rental fee is due at the time you sign your contract. There is a separate $200.00 damage deposit, due at the time of signing.  (This check is not cashed, but held and will be given back after the duration of the event, after the facility has been checked for damages).


Q: Is time for set-up and cleanup included in my rental?

A: When we sign your lease we will also discuss your schedule for set up and cleanup. You will need to allocate time in both your schedule and budget for these items. Set up time needs to include when your vendors (Caterer, DJ, Cake, Flowers, etc ) will be setting up. Set up and Clean Up time is less in price than your "Event Time" since we will not need to have all staff available during this time. 


Q: What does cleanup entail for someone renting the space?

A: When we say cleanup, we simply mean that at the end of your scheduled rental time, everything that you brought into the venue needs to be thrown into the trash or taken out of the rental space. We will take care of the rest (sweeping, taking out the trash, chairs, tables, etc). 


Q: What amenities are offered at Carnahan Hall?

A: At additional costs:

  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Service
  • AV Packages
  • Sound Packages
  • Decor Packages
  • Additional Studio Rentals (for a kid's room, coat room, food, etc)
  • Event Attendants (Event Attendant, Security, Bartender)
  • Private Parking Lot
  • Table Linens


Q: If I decide to have an event with concert sound, do I need to hire a sound technician?

A: With our state of the art sound system, we want to offer you and your guests the best possible experience. When using our full concert sound package you must also add on our in house professional sound engineer only if you will be hosting a live band.  Our sound engineer will sound check your band and actively mix sound throughout the night. A sound engineer is not required for our basic sound option or with the use of a DJ with our full concert sound package.


Q:  Are other events scheduled on the same day?

A:  Our facility has three rooms all available for rent. Each room has its own entrance and exit so we may have multiple events going at the same time. 


Q:  Can you accommodate guests who need ADA access?

A: Yes, Carnahan Hall has handicapped accessible restrooms, a ramp for entering the venue and on stage, and a low portion of the bar for accessibility in ordering.


Q:  What is your payment and cancellation policy?

A.  You will receive a full refund if you cancel your event within 6 months of your event. If you cancel your event with less than four months until your event day you will not receive a refund unless another event books at an equal or greater value. If you have to move your date but still keep your event with our facility, we will still honor your deposit. 


Q: Does Carnahan Hall provide parking for guests?

A: Yes! We have a private parking lot available for rent for an additional cost of $75.00. This includes 20 parking vouchers and private event signs. The parking lot is only available on Weekends (Friday/Saturday) and on Weekdays after 5PM


You are able to park on the street after 5 PM without any time constraints. There is also a parking lot across from 622 Main Street for $1 after 7PM and on Saturdays/Sundays.  We also recommend checking for street parking on the side streets parallel or adjacent to Main Street.  Please note that if you are parking on the street during the hours of 7am-5pm, there are areas that only allow 2-3 hour parking.  Please be aware of this as Carnahan Hall is not responsible for tickets that are issued while you are having events at the venue.



Q: Is there a dressing room /waiting area for bridal parties and groomsmen?

A: There are multiple areas within Carnahan Hall that can be utilized for bridal parties and groomsmen to get ready. Please ask to see these spaces. Additional charges apply.


Q: Can we bring in our own alcohol for our event?

A: No. Do to our licensing alcohol cannot be brought into or taken out of our venue.  Any outside items will be confiscated.  

Q: Are decorations included within the rental?

A: If you have your own decorations, you are able to set up yourselves during your setup hour. We do have a basic and premium decor package available!


Q:  What decor restrictions exist indoors?

A:We ask you to please avoid the following when decorating: sand, unprotected candles, glitter, hay, birdseed, silly string, and nailing, screwing, or stapling. Also, please use non-marking tape (i.e. duct tape not permitted).